Unfolding the Power

of solar energy


Making clean energy available in places previously thought impossible. 

Together we’re removing the barriers to widespread solar energy adoption, ushering in a new wave of customers to meet their short-term and long-term clean energy goals.



  • Pre-wired, plug & play modular system shipped to site ready to deploy

  • Minimal site preparations


  • 200 kW+ per team / day

  • 1 MW installed per week, with only 3 people


  • Up to 2X more energy per area

  • Streamlined logistics and high shipping density

Rapid Redeployment 

  • Redeployable

  • Zero performance impact 


Install Anywhere

  • Remote, rural and sites in harsh conditions 

  • Suitable for all ground and soil types, including landfills, with minimal ground penetration and limited to no civil works required.

  • Wind-resistant and already deployed in cyclone areas

Short or Long Term Solutions

  • Use the energy when you need it, pack it up if operations move or land is needed for redevelopment

Scalable Solutions

  • Flexibility to scale the system to meet customer needs on a project by project basis or remove a system as demand requires

Hybrid  Solutions

  • Integrates with other energy systems, including battery energy storage, wind and more

Port Bonython 12.JPG

How it Works

5B’s revolutionary MAVERICK technology combines modular design and prefabrication all completed at the 5B factory to streamline engineering, procurement and construction for ground-mounted solar facilities. Each MAVERICK solar array is folded up, packed onto a truck, shipped to site and deployed in minutes by a team of three people. MAVERICK reduces on-site labor and time and requires minimal ground preparations, allowing for rapid solar deployment in more places than ever before. This is easily scalable for any sized solar system, from residential-sized systems to utility-scale.

Port Bonython Drone.jpeg

Port Bonython,

Southern Australia

2.1 MWp

(62 MAVs) deployed in

21 days


MAVERICK is amortized over the design life, not the project life, allowing for easy reversibility or redeployment to generate power across multiple projects with a lifespan of 1-15 years. This makes MAVERICK the best solution for temporary, short-term or medium-term solutions across a diverse customer base. With minimal ground preparations and no civil works required, MAVERICK can be easily deployed to remote, rural or harsh weather locations.

800+ MAVs deployed





Albury Complete.png

Albury Landfill,

New South Wales

1.5 MWp

(44 MAVs) deployed in

13 days



Western Australia

1 MWp

(45 MAVs) deployed in

10 days



  • Ground-mounted DC solar array block of 40-90 PV modules.

  • Compatible with any standard framed 60 or 72-cell PV module.

  • 10° fixed tilt

  • Certified in Wind regions A and B. Wind region C certified for specific designs 

  • Redeployable

  • Patented technology in several countries 

About the Partnership

Combining AES’ track record of introducing and scaling innovation to advance the future of energy with 5B’s transformation technology and deployment process, together we’ll empower customers to meet their energy goals at a pace that was previously impossible.

Pokolbin Deployment 2.jpg

Who is 5B

5B is an innovative solar technology business on a mission to transform the world’s energy sources by delivering world-class technology that makes clean energy more competitive and accessible than ever before. We have re-engineered the solar supply chain from the ground up with our flagship technology, MAVERICK, to deliver solar projects lower cost, faster and smarter than ever before. Our name, 5B, is a constant reminder of the 5 billion years of sunshine we have left and motivates our team to strive for the simplest, most effective ways to leverage this clean energy resource.


Who is AES

AES is a Fortune 500 global power company that provides affordable, sustainable energy to 14 countries through our diverse portfolio of distribution businesses as well as thermal and renewable generation facilities. 5B joins a growing portfolio of energy technology companies in which AES has made strategic investments to accelerate a greener energy future. We have a track record of introducing and scaling innovation to advance the future of energy, similar to our foundational role in the creation and growth of the energy storage market through Fluence, our JV with Siemens. Today, Fluence is the largest grid-scale battery energy storage company in the world.